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Photography in Algarve


By Ron Isarin

Basic Workshop - Digital Photography for Groups or Individuals.

Take control of your camara and learn to take better photographs in... 
The workshop is aimed at those who want a better understanding of their camara, to maximise it's potential and eventually to make better photos. This applies to both digital compact camaras and mirror reflex camaras, in various practical situations both indoors and outdoors. Prior knowledge of photgraphy is not required. Only a healthy dose of interest and enthusiasm.

The workshop can be given individualy or to family/groups not exceeding 5 people. Participants may choose the subject matter of the workshop and various practical exercises.
Location: In and around Tavira, except when the workshop requires an excursion to other locations. The workshops can be held on any day of the week, includidng weekends, at any time of the day.

After completing this inspiring workshop you will have a better understanding of photography, lighting and how your camera funtions. Over and above the technical aspects, we will also discover how you as a photographer have an influence on the the picture through the use of light, composition and angle from which the photograph was taken.

During a period of 4 hours, the basic principles of (digital) photography will be covered; how does shutter speed work, the diafragma, over exposure, under exposure, the iso value and composition.
In short, how do I make better photographs with my own camara?

Should you wish to delve deeper into the subject matter of the basic workshop, you can always book a further workshop which focuses more specifically on certain types of photography, such as: Nature, portrait, macro or bridal photography. There is also the possibility to visit the photo studio in Tavira.
The content of the course is flexible so you can decide which areas you wish to focus on.

Choice of subjects:

- camera technique
- objective
- (manual) lighting
- aperture and depth
- shutter speed and focus on movemant
- ISO – value
- white balance
- reading a histogram
- Use of base filters
- different positions to take a photograph
-image development / composition  (3 lines)
- selective focus
- framing
- the moment
- optimum times (the golden hours)
- digital phot editing


No. of People Price per person
1 € 149
2 € 99
3 € 79
4 € 69
5 € 59

Workshops can be booked directly with Ron Isarin (www.ronisarin.com) or through Casa Verdazul. Workshops can be given in Dutch, English or Portugues.

- Digital camera with fully charged battery (preferably with the intruction manual )
- a good holiday mood.

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